The Rules of Engagement

There are a few things you need to know right off the bat so you understand what I’m all about. These are the rules of engagement for this site. Unlike many people in the world, I don’t give a shit if you read what I write, so if you don’t like it, so be it, go and read about someones great fucking recipes or how to recycle everyday materials to decorate your Christmas tree for cheap. However, for those willing to explore:

Rule 1: Academic References.

If I make a claim, you need to know it is researched appropriately by me or someone else in my doctoral research department. I am not talking shitty wikipedia type references, where some dumb fuck links you to a shit website that is full of half truths or ill informed horse piss. I am talking about academic journals with legitimate research that has undergone peer review before publication. I am not going to cite my sources in text because it will make no difference to you – you won’t be able to access paid databases without a subscription so there will be no point. If you want a complete list of sources then leave a message with your email and will personally send those fuckers to you in APA format.

Rest assured, if it is here, it is backed up by research. Though I may speak in the common tongue don’t be lulled into believing that this is any way detracts from the message.

Rule 2: Bad Language is Not Bad.

You may have noticed some words that may be labelled by some sectors of the community as “swearing” or “obscene”. This is not actually true. You will find not a single fucking word on this site that is obscene.

Go and read any old shit by Shakespeare, Chaucer or delve into the Roman literary tradition and you will see what I mean. Once again, don’t let your preconceived and obviously wrong impressions of what constitutes acceptable language tarnish the message.

In the words of Martial the great epigram master and friend of the Roman people:

Os et labra tibi lingit, Manneia, catellus:
non miror, merdas si libet esse cani. 

Your little dog licks your mouth and lips, Manneia.
I am not surprised—it always enjoyed eating shit.

So I say to you all: enjoy the taste of shit, for there are far, far worse things on this foul Earth with which to soil your palate.


  1. annathrax says:

    Lol love your style!

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